The future of your procurement starts now

Netfira is the fastest way for effective e-procurement

Netfira gives procurement what it always needed but never had: a software solution that automates all of your operational B2B processes and provides acquisition time to concentrate on activities that add value! With Netfira, all of your document flows are automatically conveyed, verified, and recorded digitally. Supplier onboarding takes just minutes with our app! Netfira is a certified SAP partner, but our solution can also easily connect with any other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting system via Enterprise Buyer.

Reasons to choose our software solution

Opinions of our customers

Making life easier for users and in-house IT

  Faster, better ROI

 More time for strategic activities

 Process optimisation across your entire business

 Digitisation of your complete supply chain

Your procurement will become a driver of innovation


Seamless B2B workflows

 Bidirectional transactions

 100% data accuracy

 100% supplier onboarding

 High supplier acceptance


 Modern app technologies with artificial intelligence

 Permanently better master data quality

 Available to order and expand one module at a time

 Full integration into existing ERP and accounting systems

 Netfira docks flexibly with all ERP client systems

Complete integration into existing IT systems

 Certified by SAP and other ERP providers


Reduces manual workload for operational tasks

Low error rate

 Procurement can hook up suppliers using the self-onboarding tool

 Real-time electronic data sharing

 Secure transmission of original documents


 Minimal input required from in-house IT

 No user training required

 High user satisfaction


It says something when our customers are talking about us

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