Netfira – your specialist for Procurement 4.0

Procurement and logistics consultancy and optimisation for over 15 years

As a privately-operated company with 100 employees, Netfira maintains offices in Germany (Munich and Walldorf), the USA (San Francisco) and Australia (Sydney and Perth). Germany is the fastest-growing unit of our business.

Our story: Netfira was founded in Australia as a supply chain management consultancy in the year 2000. We quickly developed our technology products to address gaps in the solution landscape and since then provide straightforward as well as professional support for the problems and needs facing procurement.

The employees of the software company Netfira act in concert.

Ever since 2013, our German subsidiary has been consistently pursuing the development of artificial intelligence and innovative app technologies, achieving progress in operational and manual process automation that had previously been considered impossible.

Today, renowned customers from various industries are benefitting from the automated procurement processes made possible by Netfira Enterprise Buyer.

Easy and rapid access to the future of procurement with Netfira

Netfira’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Suite is an innovative supply chain solution for automating acquisition and sales processes. It offers fast as well as straightforward access to digitised supply chains and the world of Industry 4.0, Procurement 4.0, and e-commerce.

Purchase orders, orders, order acknowledgements, shipping notifications, invoices, and every other document flow can be automatically exchanged between a company’s systems but also those of its customers and suppliers via the connection that Netfira provides.

Our solution ensures fast and straightforward electronic onboarding of suppliers and customers by using innovative apps. Netfira also facilitates real-time and dialogue connections between buyer and seller systems as well as automating B2B transactions.

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