When vision becomes innovation

Our company’s vision

The development of industry in the future depends on companies being networked.

Our vision: networking the entire chain – from large corporates through to the smallest member. Every business partner is communicating seamlessly and efficiently with others – including small and less technologically literate partners. Everyone is sharing documents, data, and paperwork without constraint concerning format or time-consuming mutual arrangements; this seamless sharing is controlled by intelligent systems.

Our goals

Solidarity and teamwork at the software company Netfira.
  • Facilitating automated electronic digital business transactions for every member of the supply chain
  • Giving procurement the time for value-creating activities without shifting manual work onto suppliers
  • Fully automating operational procurement tasks
  • Viewing every process holistically and across businesses so that every member of the chain benefits
  • Getting ready for the connected digital future

Our aspirations

High level of employee satisfaction at the software company Netfira.
  • Remaining a driving force in procurement innovation 
  • Continually staying innovative and prepared for the future 
  • Jointly shaping, simplifying, and improving the future of procurement
  • Continuing to remain flexible as well as responsive to the needs of each customer so that they benefit from the best our solution has to offer

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