Biberacher Dialogforum 'Cost Avoidance'

Procurement adds significant value in organisations and plays a key role for a company's success. Nevertheless, the indirect procurement in particular is often neglected due to high capacity utilization. In response to this trend, Thorsten Gareis has organised the event Biberacher Dialogforum 'Cost Avoidance in indirect procurement'. The event is targeted at all those, who intend to quickly achieve success when it comes to cost avoidance and process optimisation. 

The event gives an overview on the latest solutions that are designed to optimise processes. Reinald Schneller, managing director at Netfira, gives a presentation on "Starting into the future of procurement – using innovative app technologies and artificial intelligence to digitise all processes in operational procurement". Herr Schneller explains, how to fully automate processes in operational procurement with artificial intelligence, how to digitise processes in procurement and supply chain management across all your businesses and how to easily manage supplier onboarding with minimal effort by using innovative supplier apps. 

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