6. BMÖ-Expertendialog: Best Practice in e-procurement 2019

How to efficiently shape processes and techniques along the digitised value chain – using potentials and chances in digital procurement – what solutions provide nowadays

Nowadays there are a variety of e-procurement tools that are easy to handle but highly profitable. Thus, e-procurement in everyday business is supposed to be no longer a question of ‘if’ but of ‘how’.

The experts dialogue 2019 particularly addresses the question of ‘how’ to successfully manage procurement transformation.

  • What can be done to ensure failure-free automated and digitised processes from consumer to supplier?
  • How to update your e-procurement and e-sourcing solution?
  • What are the advantages of successful e-procurement?

As a partner of the BME, Netfira takes part in the BMÖ-experts dialogue in e-procurement 2019. What you should not miss: One of our customers gives an interesting presentation on how to successfully digitise procurement.

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