Disrupting Procurement 2019!

Digitisation comes along with transformation. In procurement and supply chain the ongoing digitisation has broken down structures and has even replaced them. This process is called disruption.

The event 'Disrupting Procurement' addresses this key topic of disruption and its potential for companies.

Pioneers and masterminds in procurement give exclusive insights into new trends and innovations for procurement and supply chain. Reinald Schneller is one of them. He will lead an interesting workshop regarding the future of procurement which aims to share valuable advice on future-proof procurement with the audience.

The event 'Disrupting Procurement 2019!' addresses the following topics:

  • Disruption, Innovation, New Thinking – which trends and technologies transform procurement and supply chain?
  • Digital Leadership – buyers as experts for technology and innovation management
  • Data-driven process optimisation – the advantages of RPA, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in everyday business

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