Nowadays, eSolutions are key tools within any procurement and supply management organisations. However, the actual usage of digital solutions varies greatly from company to company and, hence, the true benefit of those tools.

Integrated workflows and a universal digital strategy are required in order to meet upcoming challenges and trends. The event “BME-eLÖSUNGSTAGE 2019” provides valuable information on how to develop and optimise digital strategies and gives an overview of the latest procurement solutions.

What you should not miss: Christian Bauer, group leader Disposition/Planning Group Manager at teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, gives an interesting presentation on how they made procurement future-ready at teamtechnik. He explains what part Netfira played in this process. Moreover, he talks about how they automated document flows and how they managed to digitally onboard their suppliers by using artificial intelligence.


Follow this link to see the event programme:ÖSUNGSTAGE-2018_SM.pdf?1538051197

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