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Coverage in specialist media is another gauge of successful projects.
It is where you will find selected articles from the specialist press on Netfira solutions for customers from a range of industries.


Platform "VTH-eDoc-Cloud" for Faster Processes:
Netfira Supports the Members of the VTH Verband Technischer Handel

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The latest innovation presented at the VTH – the “VTH-eDoc-Cloud” – is a platform used for the digital processing of documents and data (e.g. order confirmations, customer orders, invoices). The VTH Verband Technischer Handel (Dusseldorf) enables its approximately 250 members a quick and simple entry into automation. Almost in real time, Netfira GmbH (Walldorf/Munich) ensures a close to 100 percent accurate processing of all data and documents which are exchanged between the members of the VTH and their business partners. Considering “just-in-time” concepts on customer side, this process is a critical factor in business success. In a first step, the focus is on the automation of order confirmations; further processes will follow.

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DYWIDAG: automation of operational procurement processes creates value

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What are the advantages of automating and digitising operational procurement processes? In case of DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI), a globally operating energy company, automation measures have increased efficiency and significantly created value in procurement. 

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Leading article in Einkäufer im Markt:
There’s no ‘big’ without ‘small’ – there is nothing mysterious about data quality

Seamless interchange of documents and data.

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) can provide a significant boost to procurement – as long as you are on top of your data. Theories, scenario planning, and presentations are no guarantee for record-breaking success, says Reinald Schneller, Managing Director of Netfira GmbH, in an interview with MBI Einkäufer im Markt.

From: Einkäufer im Markt, 16/2018, page 6,

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Market scope article in BIP-Magazin:
Fully-automated document flows and happy suppliers at Rosendahl Nextrom

With fully automated document flows into the future of procurement.

At Rosendahl Nextrom, a leading international provider of manufacturing plant for the battery, cable and glass fibre industry (Austria), the aim is for transformation in procurement to contribute to significantly increased value creation in this prospering business. The goal: specific efficiency gains, significant cost reductions, and more time value-creating activities by automating operational processes and digitally onboarding of all suppliers.

In: Best in Procurement Magazin (BIP), 4-2018

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Article in Technischer Handel:
Not without my suppliers

Handshake represents suppliers and customers.

Using e-tools? Congratulations. Then why are so many of your operational procedures still not automated? Perhaps procurement, suppliers, and solution providers are not on one another’s wavelength. The Jäger Group provides an example for medium-size enterprises transitioning to digital acquisition. What is more, the company also has a recipe for straightforward onboarding its suppliers.
Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH is now well on the way to onboarding all of its suppliers. Regardless of the systems, its suppliers use, with no need for countless projects or upfront investments on either side. Netfira provides the toolbox of solutions to do this.

In: Technischer Handel, 5-2018; text: Sabine Ursel (Wiesbaden)

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