Procurement automation and individual supplier onboarding

Netfira offers an innovative software solution for automating operational procurement and sales processes. Our solution has a modular design. It can be introduced as well as expanded in stages and can even support the procurement function on potential future projects and processes.
Our motto: speedboats not heavy tankers!

Netfira makes stepping into digital automation easy! Procurement’s value in the organisation will increase significantly thus securing its position. Internally and externally, the department will grow to be a valued and dependable (service) partner.

Buyers are not the only ones to benefit from automated and digital connections; suppliers do too. Both parties will save time and money. Their processes will be optimised with minimal expense.

Real-life experiences evidence:
Planning, pilots and roll-out can be completed in just a few days or weeks. Purchasers immediately gain increased time for activities that add value. Suppliers do not lose time trying to adapt to frustrating client systems. Netfira lays the foundation for sharing all kinds of documents and data electronically – this only works because all (!) of your suppliers can be easily onboarded.

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The Netfira solutions portfolio in brief

Operational procurement processes are only automated successfully when all stakeholders can seamlessly share all documents and data. Suppliers, in particular smaller ones, are often reluctant when it comes to inconvenient, and often expensive, conventional ‘onboarding’ exercises. As a result, benefits are lost due to the extra manual workload. Netfira, by contrast, creates a smart environment where it is significantly easier for purchasers and suppliers to work together. Everyone stays in the loop.

What about implementation? No problem: it is fast, straightforward, and requires no additional work from individual suppliers! They are onboarded within twenty minutes. Moreover, it does not cost them anything. On top of that, purchasers and suppliers do not require lengthy training to become familiar with the components (and benefits). The work required is minimal. There is no precious time wasted.

The Netfira toolbox – an overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates many possibilities: purchase orders, orders, order acknowledgements, delivery schedules, invoices, and every other kind of document can be shared automatically between procurement and manufacturers/suppliers – bidirectionally and in real time.

Netfira Enterprise Buyer is the interface between your ERP system and your suppliers. It completely automates document sharing, checks supplier documents against the originals from procurement and completes transfers seamlessly into the linked system belonging to the other party .

Innovative apps save all stakeholders significant time and process costs for example when it comes to supplier/customer onboarding. Alongside a comfortable cockpit for the procurement side, Netfira also offers various onboarding options for suppliers: the SupplierApp  can be installed and activated by suppliers in just minutes by downloading it. MailConnect has been developed for suppliers who prefer to send their documents to procurement by email. RealTime Connect is the ideal module for supplier onboarding at the system level (ERP to ERP) so that transactions can be conducted in real time.

Our unique self-onboarding tool provides procurement with the option of onboarding suppliers automatically – in three simple steps that only take minutes and require no involvement from in-house IT!

Netfira Express SaaS is the smart version of Netfira Enterprise Buyer and is operated as a shared cloud-based platform. Here, users work in their environment (corporate identity). Netfira Express SaaS is up and running for procurement in no time. After just a few hours, your staff can digitally and automatically work with their first suppliers!

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