Software that removes all of the obstacles to procurement automation

Netfira Enterprise Buyer becomes the centrepiece of your data and document flow digitisation. Our software enables you to integrate all of your suppliers into your supply chain management providing a range of interfaces as either an on-premise or SaaS solution. It is fast, straightforward, and seamless.

In brief: the critical benefits of Netfira Enterprise Buyer

  • Electronic document and data sharing between procurement and all of your suppliers for purchase orders, order acknowledgements, delivery notes, shipping notifications, invoices, and any other kind of document, e.g. technical drawings and certificates
  • Integration into procurement’s existing (ERP) systems during one-day customer-specific installation
  • 100% supplier onboarding via our innovative Netfira supplier apps
  • Connect a supplier in under 20 minutes
  • No costly and error-prone manual processes on the procurement and supplier sides
  • No need for suppliers to adapt their methods for customers
  • Software solution with zero training costs
  • ROI for our innovative software achieved in the first year

Here is why procurement should use Netfira Enterprise Buyer

Your digital document flows are always automatically checked to enable correctness.

Netfira Enterprise Buyer electronically ensures that documents generated by suppliers are only accepted and automatically entered into the procurement function’s (ERP) system if they have been verified as correct and range within the variables set by procurement. Our tool highlights every single error and exception. Along with the structured data, Netfira is also able to transmit the original documents in PDF format, thus offering an accurate and reliable audit trail of the transaction, e.g. in the ZUGFeRD electronic invoicing standard.

Here is why your suppliers will join in

Platform for your suppliers to record all your documents digitally.

Netfira offers suppliers a range of straightforward, cost-effective electronic solutions for connecting with their customers’ procurement departments. Your suppliers will thus have the option of sending documents and data to procurement in various formats, including email or directly via their existing ERP systems. Suppliers choose the most convenient solution for them – with no extra costs, no extra workload, and no changes to their internal processes!

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