Netfira Enterprise Buyer gives you the choice

Netfira Buyer Portal

Platform for your suppliers to record all your documents digitally.

… is the ideal platform for suppliers who receive purchase orders only occasionally. Here, suppliers can view their purchase orders, create order acknowledgements, upload as well as download documents, and produce invoices.

Netfira SupplierApp

Electronic onboarding of suppliers through innovative app technologies.

… can be installed and activated by suppliers in just minutes via a simple download. Suppliers can send documents such as order acknowledgements and invoices directly from their systems via the app.

Netfira MailConnect

Suppliers and customers can send their documents via e-mail.

… was developed for suppliers and customers who prefer to send their purchase orders, acknowledgements as well as other documents by email. This onboarding option requires no installation and checks the documents electronically – MailConnect’s approach is targeted and exceptionally straightforward.

Netfira RealTime Connect

Onboarding suppliers at their system level (ERP to ERP) to enable transactions in real time.

… is the ideal module for onboarding suppliers at their system level (ERP to ERP) to permit executions of transactions in real time.

Netfira Self-Onboarding Tool

… is the missing piece of the puzzle for connecting suppliers with your supply chain. The tool gives procurement the ability to automatically onboard suppliers themselves – in three easy steps that take only minutes and require no involvement from in-house IT.

Netfira Express SaaS

… is the smart version of Netfira Enterprise Buyer that operates as a shared platform in the cloud. Here, users work within their corporate identity environment. Using Netfira Express SaaS, procurement and suppliers can easily share and work on their documents, which can then be made available to their systems for processing. The cloud-based software is ready for procurement to use in no time and functions digitally and automatically together with suppliers.

‘A perfectly scalable software solution equipped for every eventuality.’

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