Netfira Enterprise Buyer

Artificial intelligence for your procurement

The core of our innovative software solution is Netfira Enterprise Buyer. This one-stop modular package enables you to link up customers and suppliers even if they previously had no electronic connections at all – it is fast, straightforward, and cost-neutral for your suppliers.

A win-win-win situation

Your decision for the procurement of the future with Netfira.

We can usually complete the planning, pilot, and roll-out phases with Netfira Enterprise Buyer in just a matter of days. Your buyers will immediately benefit from the increased capacity for value-creating activities due to automation. Also, your suppliers will not lose any time struggling to adapt to customer systems they may not understand and have not had explained to them. Our approach is different. The future of procurement starts with us. We lay the foundation for electronic sharing of documents and data of all kinds. We make supplier onboarding and procurement automation a win for you, for your procurement department, and for your suppliers.

Multiple software solutions that mesh together seamlessly

Netfira Enterprise Buyer infuses your procurement function with artificial intelligence. This means, for example, that purchase orders, orders, order acknowledgements, delivery schedules, invoices, and all kinds of other documents can be shared automatically between procurement and manufacturers/suppliers – bidirectionally and in real time. Here, Netfira Enterprise Buyer functions as the interface between your systems (e.g. ERP, SRM) and your suppliers. It completely automates document and data sharing, compares supplier documents with the originals from procurement, and transmits these seamlessly into their linked systems.


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