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Cornelius is a leading global manufacturer of cooling and dispensing systems. The company is using Netfira’s digitisation solution for procurement to implement its Procurement 4.0 strategy. To do this, it is replacing its previous EDI system with Netfira’s software and using a completely automated process for supplier onboarding. By digitising all of its document flows, Cornelius hopes not only to reduce costs and increase efficiency but also to create more space for strategic activities. "As a modern procurement department, we are using all of the latest optimisation possibilities that electronic supplier onboarding offers," says Jens Heinrich, Procurement Director for the entire EMEA region at Cornelius.


With around 9,000 active material numbers and 24,000 order items per year, buyers at Cornelius have a large workload to manage. "Given this backdrop in particular, we did not want to resign ourselves any more to the significant administrative burden that sharing data entails. Netfira’s solution offers onboarding via portal, EDI or app and is thus suitable for any supplier. The fact that original documents can also be transmitted and archived immediately is a bonus," continues Heinrich.


Step by step, Cornelius is now introducing Netfira's digitisation solution regarding supplier communication. By the end of the year, all of the 450 suppliers should be productively onboarded. "With the new system, all of our operational and strategic buyers, as well as Cornelius’ sister companies across the world, have constant access to the latest information. We have already identified that this is providing improvements in our quality of supply from third-party suppliers as well as internally. The returns on investment are immediate," comments Heinrich in summary. Netfira’s procurement solution integrates seamlessly into existing IT landscapes but also provides all the relevant functionalities for procurement and the supplier side.

Outcomes in brief:

Following the introduction of Netfira’s software solutions, the company was soon able to identify the desired successes.

  • The immediate and increasing minimisation of administrative workload
  • Automated transactions for 24,000 order items a year
  • Worldwide access to current information for all operational and strategic buyers and sister companies
  • Evident supply improvements from both the supplier and internal sides, providing an immediate return on investment!
  • Processing and management of 9,000 active material numbers
  • Creation of internal capacity for demanding tasks such as crisis management and procurement strategy
  • Improvement in the attractiveness of procurement at Cornelius as a workplace and thus increased staff satisfaction
  • Onboarding of all suppliers by the end of 2016

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