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KLAFS is a leading international supplier of wellness, pool, and spa equipment. The business relies on Netfira’s e-procurement solution to automate purchasing. The technological simplicity of onboarding was paramount in its decision to opt for Netfira. Our software also facilitates the complete automation of all transactions – with both large as well as small business partners. "Implementation of Netfira’s software only took a couple of days, and we felt the impact immediately," reports Klaus Kaiser, Procurement Manager at KLAFS, who led the project on the customer side.


Previously, most operational processes within procurement at KLAFS were carried out manually. With more than 40,000 transactions and over 350 suppliers, the processing workload for order acknowledgements and invoices was enormous. The additional time pressure on procurement frequently led to discrepancies in declarations not being recognised on time and changes only being discovered in goods inwards. Errors were also often made during the manual recording of documents – mistakes that had to be painstakingly corrected later on.


The company relies on the Netfira Enterprise Buyer procurement solution to resolve these issues by automating its operational processes, the Netfira Adapter for SAP ERP and various Netfira connectivity solutions for rapid supplier onboarding (the Netfira App, Netfira Client, Netfira Portal, and Netfira E-Mail Connector).

Outcomes in brief:

After introducing Netfira’s software solution, the company was soon able to identify the desired successes.

  • Implementation of the Netfira Enterprise Buyer solution in a matter of days
  • Complete integration with the SAP system
  • Comprehensive support for existing processes
  • Users are productive immediately as they can continue working in their familiar environment without further training
  • Automatic sending of purchase orders and recording and verification of order acknowledgements
  • Electronic recording, auditing, and archiving of invoices
  • Simplification of the procurement process for suppliers
  • Round-the-clock availability with an easy-to-use interface
  • Error reduction due to automatic data entry
  • Automatic execution of approx. 40,000 transactions per year

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