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Rosendahl Nextrom is a leading international provider of manufacturing plant for the battery, cable and glass fibre industry. The company is not only keeping up with the rapid growth in the electromobility and telecommunications industries but also with the latest innovations in procurement. With the aid of the Netfira software solution, the company has now achieved complete automation of operational procurement processes.


Previously, operational procurement at Rosendahl Nextrom suppliers was characterised by a large number of manual and time-consuming processes for handling purchase orders and order acknowledgements, shipping notifications and other supplier documents. Expensive EDI technology had thus far enabled only a small proportion of their suppliers to be onboarded. Furthermore, portal solutions such as WebEDI would also not have represented satisfactory alternatives for innovative and forward-looking supply chain digitisation. The enormous workload caused by the time-consuming operational tasks also meant that staff at Rosendahl Nextrom were unable to find time for valuable strategic activities.


Initially, our staff here at Netfira connected the top 100 suppliers out of a total of 1,200 suppliers for onboarding. Our modular software solution meant we were able to link each supplier without impacting existing procedures. The next step was onboarding the international partner suppliers in Vantaa (Finland) and Satu Mare (Romania).

What do the suppliers say about the solution recently introduced at Rosendahl Nextrom? Woywod Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH discovered the added value of the Netfira solution for itself: "The new processes strengthened our partnership with Rosendahl Nextrom and took it to the next level."

At present, we are continually expanding the number of onboarded suppliers. Completing all 1,200 will deliver significant savings concerning cost and workload to Rosendahl Nextrom. We have been able to hit our ROI target after 1.5 years – way ahead of time.

Outcomes in brief:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Complete automation of operational procurement processes
  • Digital onboarding of all suppliers


Austrian Supply Excellence & Procurement 4.0 Award:
The Austrian Association of Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BMÖ) has been giving awards for outstanding purchasing concepts since 2003. In October 2017, Rosendahl Nextrom was recognised for ‘Effective automation of operational processes’ using Netfira’s solution.

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